I am very rarely surprised nowadays. I have ordered things from all corners of the globe and more often than not I am pretty disappointed. Either they don’t look like what I thought they would, they don’t fit or the service I received was pretty non existent. However then I found Greenspan’s

These chaps have been in business since 1928 and aside from a few fires and earthquakes have been dressing the West Coast ever since. They advertise themselves as the last original clothing store in reference to the fact they stock classic styles that were as relevant in the 20’s as they are in the 21st century. The humble Pendleton conjures up two conflicting images one of the 1950’s American Dad working in some form of white collar office job and the second (my preferred one) of the West Coast Hip-Hop scene.

From movies to fashion shoots these chaps have styled them all. Like I mentioned in a previous blog they are doing a collaboration with Pendleton making a board shirt to their exact standards, which is extremely exciting. I can’t wait for March to come around!!!

Here is a little video of the store and if you do chat with Evan make sure to tell them Cantusescissors sent you!

My life as pretty much looked like this for the last few days…

In a nutshell, I have sort of realised why when I was 12 I was obsessed with the West Coast. Also if you havem’t had the chance to check out Greenspan’s please go and have a look they have been kind enough to send me a few things for me to place my peepers over and I can’t wait.

After over 80 years of selling the humble Pendleton shirt they have finally got the opportunity to manufacture their own shirts which will be coming out at the start of March. I can’t wait!

I figured that I still needed to use this blog even if it was just to say hello from time to time. I recently stumbled across some images from all walks of life and I thought I’d share them. Toodle pip.



May I first take this moment to apologise for my lack of interaction and posts on here recently. I am not a person to make excuses, but I have been busy making something come to fruition that has taken me the best part of 4 years to create.

TRiCKETT has been mentioned to you for the last few months and you may or may not have understood what I was speaking about. My brand that will stock the best products from by three favourite destinations in the world Canada, The USA and of course the UK. Everything we stock is made in these three destinations and have been specifically selected in order for them to reignite a memory of sport that you may have long forgotten.

This blog will still very much be updated, but my main outlet for chat will be on TRiCKETT. The chaps at All That Good Stuff have helped me realise my dream of making a website which reflects everything I am about. Let’s just say being square is the new cool. Thank you for your continued support and reading and I hope to see you very soon.

It is very rare that I get excited about new music, however these chaps, have just enough controversy to keep me hooked. Golf Wang.

Just something, I found on the internet recently and is now in my wardrobe. TRiCKETTshoplaunchesattheendofthemonth who said that?