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May I first take this moment to apologise for my lack of interaction and posts on here recently. I am not a person to make excuses, but I have been busy making something come to fruition that has taken me the best part of 4 years to create.

TRiCKETT has been mentioned to you for the last few months and you may or may not have understood what I was speaking about. My brand that will stock the best products from by three favourite destinations in the world Canada, The USA and of course the UK. Everything we stock is made in these three destinations and have been specifically selected in order for them to reignite a memory of sport that you may have long forgotten.

This blog will still very much be updated, but my main outlet for chat will be on TRiCKETT. The chaps at All That Good Stuff have helped me realise my dream of making a website which reflects everything I am about. Let’s just say being square is the new cool. Thank you for your continued support and reading and I hope to see you very soon.


Just something, I found on the internet recently and is now in my wardrobe. TRiCKETTshoplaunchesattheendofthemonth who said that?

Inspiration comes from all areas of my life and non are more important than what goes into my belly. I had lived an existence of gastronomic ignorance until when at University I visited the glorious South Yorkshire city of Sheffield. This is where my love affair began with a glass bottle, an orange label and beautifully brown, spicy contents…. Henderson’s Relish take a bow.

The man to blame for this sauce is Henry Henderson who began making his relish in Sheffield around the back end of the 19th Century. I wish I could give you more information about the brand however so little has changed in the production of sauce in over 100  years that it would be pointless writing anymore. One thing that I do love is when two of my passions collide and when both of Sheffield’s football team clashed in 1993 FA Cup Final, Hendos released two limited edition bottles in the colours of the teams.

To say that the sauce has a cult following would be an understatement with vocal fans such as Richard Hawley, Sean Bean, Pete McKee, KT Tunstall (!?!) and Kid Acne (who also did the rather smashing graphic below) it isn’t suprising to see that it is slowly making it’s way out of South Yorkshire.

Just to prove that I am not making it up here are a few other images for you to have a gawp at. Also don’t tell anyone, but we have managed to place our hands on a small case and smuggled it out of Yorkshire so keep your eyes peeled as it may be turning up in the TRiCKETT shop soon, but shhh!

Before you all ask you can get the t-shirt from here.

Sorry there has been a distinct lack of postage just recently I have been busy actually living a non-cyber life and had many things to do. So if I have missed any of your calls I will get back to you, I have just been out fishing… honest. Moving on the lovely chaps at The Hideout in London sent me a fantastic parcel this morning with my own luxury bag (I feel a re-brand coming on)

Contained in said parcel were a wonderful pair of the Hideout x Converse trainers that you have heard all about and seen that cool girl / boy that you want to ask out but can’t wearing. I have posted a terrible picture of them after having worn them thumping up and down the streets of Halifax (?!).

I felt bad so here is another image of the shoes how I imagine the chaps in London would like you to see them.

Get ready to pack up your bikinis and trunks and head off to Unknown lands (mainly Cornwall) in the desperate hope that there will be A) Some Sun and B) Your car doesn’t break down! Here are a few images that scream Summer to me.

Wimbledon may well be over, however everyone likes to take up tennis in the scorching sun only to realise you have to be 100x fitter than you are to play it.

Wild and exotic new foods that you never would have seen in your homeland now seem strangely enticing.

Finally when all goes wrong, when the weather turns for the worse, the ice cream melts, the sun is too hot, the sun burn too savage, there is always Sir Cliff Richard.

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while. I have been busy here in the UK soaking up some actual sun, which in itself is a rarity. I have also been knuckling down to a spot of research for Summer for TRiCKETT so that is exiting so here are a few images of interest whilst looking around.

No Idea what is going on there…

California dreamin’…

LeBron, Bosh & Wade should be worried.

These are a little taster of the TRiCKETT x Viberg Boots that are due out next year so keep it shushed. I just so happened to design and style the shoot, but who cares…

Sorry ladies he isn’t single…